Sunday, May 24, 2015

Swans, Frogs and Snails!

We have been studying the pond for about two weeks now. We have covered ducks, snails, swans, frogs, fish, and are doing turtle next week.  I have included some of our activities we did.


This was a fun part of the pond unit because, not only did we learn about swans, but we compared three versions of The Ugly Duckling. The first version was the original story, the second was a story we had in our spelling series and the third was the Disney movie in which the duckling does not grow up.The kids did a really good job of explaining the differences and similarities between the stories.

 After we did our literature portion, we did our swan page in our Pond Journal and then made these EASY paper swans.

 They liked making them into hearts!!

 Frogs are, obviously, a main part of our pond week. We watched this awesome video and the kids got to listen to the sounds of frogs. There were surprised that some do not RIBBIT. Some even scream!

 We did the life cycle of a frog on a hat. Grab it here.
 After our frog hat we made a paper plate frog with a party blower tongue. Major hit with the 5-year-old scene. He isn't the cutest frog on earth, but he is a lot of fun! Grab the template here.

 What kid doesn't love snails? We had fun painting these little guys. I drew with a white crayon on the paper plate and they watercolored it. When the swirl appeared they thought it was magic. We cut out his body and added some eyes. He is probably the cutest snail ever. Grab the template here.

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