Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We started our Pond Unit yesterday! It is always my final unit of the year. Yesterday and today we learned all about DUCKS!

Kids love ducks. They love to quack! We sang this rhyme for a LONG time after we made our duck craft and if I hadn't stopped it we would probably still be singing it.

We made a duck craft (that is ADORABLE), learned the life cycle of a duck, what a duck eats, where it lives, what makes it special and we wrote something we learned in our My Science Pond Journal. Check it out below.

Duck Craft
 Isn't he cute? Simple too. Have kids paint a paper plate brown. Fold in half and staple. I cut a slit in one side to insert the head. Add the head, bill, feet, eye and feathers! Temple is below and it's FREE!

 Our little flock from one of my groups.

 I ran them off on colored cardstock. My kids don't like coloring much! (Crazies!)

Free Template!

My Science Pond Journal

We use a science journal for most of our units. This month it is Pond so we are using My Science Pond Journal.Check out the Journal in my TpT store.

 Writing about ducks.
We are working on facts and not opinions.

Drawing about ducks

Ducks are definitely something I use to engage students in the pond unit. They love them and it sets them up for the whole month. Tomorrow we will talk about what a habitat is design a pond of our own.

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