Sunday, September 14, 2014


We have been having some fun with Monsters this week. Kids love monsters.....right? They do if they are funny looking and let the kids act super silly. Here are some activities we did this week:
Aren't they cute? The kids LOVED making these. And they were so easy. I ran off the Monster Mask template (here) onto colored cardstock. I chose cardstock because I knew that they would get played with and needed to stand up to wear and tear. The kids cut them out. I cut out the mouth once they cut out the head (I just folded it in half slightly and made a happy smile). The kids cut out their eyes. I let them choose 1, 2, or 3 eyes and they got to create. I had a bunch of spot stickers hanging around so I gave each kids a sticker sheet and they went to town. Needless to say, my class was ROARING loud after these were done. It may be loud, but it was fun! (Not to mention the added bonus of working on those fine-motor skills....shhhhh....)
 This is a cute painting activity. Student got to watercolor their monster however they wanted and then wrote of the color words down on their writing sheet to match their picture. (Trust me, some kids wanted to write red even though their monster was blue). We talked about what words would make sense to match our pictures. I got the monster coloring pages from The Education Center, but any monster would do. Click here to grab the writing page. 

Purple People Eater Hat!

 The one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater!
This is a fun hat we made after singing the song and watching the video on KidSongs 
Cut the band from tagboard or butcher paper. I ran all of the pieces on purple cardstock, except for the eye. The kids glued the eye and horn and I stapled the wings on. They are super cute!

Have fun with your little monsters!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Literacy Centers Week 1

Week 1 of my literacy centers went well. Due to the Labor Day holiday and the absolutely insane Tuesday following, I was lucky to get any centers in at all! Here is a look at the four  literacy centers I rotated last week.
 For this center students had an ABC chart and ABC beads. I chose to give them only capital letter beads because our goal is to be able to name all of the capital letters by the end of September. The chart can be used for just about anything, including dry erase writing. Just print it out on paper and stick it in a sheet protector. Easy enough. My students really enjoyed this center and were even upset if they didn't have enough time to finish their chart. Grab the chart here.

 Dry Erase Letter Trace
 These are tracing sheet from the Moffatt Girls. I put these in sheet protectors and ringed 3 sheets together so that students could go on to another page when they were done.

Clothespin Capital and Lowercase Match
 I found these cute ABC matching cards on Pinterest for free from teaching Mama. You can see them on Pinterest here.

ABC Lacing Cards
My class this year really needs a lot of extra support in fine motor skills. I am using lacing cards to build up those fine motor skills. This is a cute set by Melissa and Doug that I found on a camping trip by Hearst Castle. The kids like it, and the cards are made of strong wood so they wont rip or bend.

Pencil Boxes
You are probably seeing my students' pencil boxes in these photos. Their pencil boxes have their name-tag on it and their group picture. This month (September) we are apple groups. I have four groups (red, yellow, green and blue apples.......yes, blue one said it had to be real). My students carry their pencil boxes around the room so that they always have what they need. Their pencil boxes have lids that close. And they always remember what group they are in by looking at their picture. Each month I change the theme. October will be nocturnal animals.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Challenge

Welcome back to all you exhausted teachers out there. Labor Day is officially over and we are now in a place where the real teaching can begin. And when I say "we are in a place" I mean my class has finally calmed down enough that I can start to get down to the real nitty-gritty: The ABCs!

I expect all of my Kinders to be able to name all capital letters by the end of September. Can this happen? For the high, medium high and medium student, yes. And for my high students, it already has happened. Now it is time to get to the ones who need constant ABC exposure. All morning, over and over until they know that "M" and "N" are actually two different letters....go figure!

I am challenging myself this year by trying really, really hard to master the art of:

Usually I am not too fond of literacy centers because I like complete control at all times. But, after the SDE I Teach K! National Conference, I feel like I am ready to loosen the grip on my control and give it a try. I will be documenting my progress on these centers each week, updating you on my success (or complete failure). I feel that I can master this challenge with a lot of practice and good ideas. Wish me luck!

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