Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kindergarten Counting

I have FINALLY finished my Counting Sets pack. I think it has been about 4 months in the making, due to the craziness of my schedule. But, it's done and I am excited to share it.
 Cut and Paste Number Order
Have your students cut apart the numbers and glue them in order on a separate piece of paper.
 Count and Cirle
 (You count......and circle)
 Count and Write
(You count......and, you get it.)
 Base Ten Cut and Paste
I am excited about this page. Not only do students get handwriting practice, but they will be practicing base ten on a weekly basis.
 Ten Frames
Count the dots and write, or draw the dots.
(Keeps those little minds busy.)
 Number Posters
I usually add one poster a week. I am a very visual person and too much visual is distracting for me. However, teachers I work with put them all up at once as a reference. Your choice!
Just a little added bonus, for those of you who do not already have number play-doh mats. Kinders LOVE play-doh and this is a fun way to work on ten frames and number association. You can also put them in sheet protectors for dry erase fun. 

Kindergarten Counting is a system I have been using for years and it really builds on previous number knowledge throughout the year. It is all Common Core aligned and give students a firm understanding of number sense when combined with Rote Counting. 
I hope you enjoy!

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