Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pete the Cat

We spent a lot of time with Pete the Cat this week. If you are not familiar with Pete, he is a cat who LOVES his shoes. We read:
1. I Love My White Shoes
2. Rockin' in My School School
3. Four Groovy Buttons
This is our writing on what we would have stepped in, if we were Pete.  You can find this activity in my FREEBIE activity titled Cats and Shoes.
  We read and colored our Pete the Cat Emergent Reader. We were working on two sight words, I and my, and our color words. Each time we ran across that word we colored it a certain color.
This is our Pete the Cat 10 Frame. This week in math we were practicing matching amounts. Each partner took turns rolling the dice and both partners had to match the amount of buttons on their 10 frame. 

If you ever have a chance to sing along to the book with the incredible songs, please do so. They are so great!

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