Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Week of Kindergarten

Our first week is over. True, it was short and sweet, and most of the hard stuff is out of the way. My class is amazing! They are kind, fun, and have already begin their learning. Here are a few things we did this week:

 We had our first try at the dice. Students worked in partners to roll and match their dice to the pictures.

Our shape this week was circle. In addition to making Mr. Circle, we colored circles based on size. Great job!

Our number this week was 0. We wrote zero, counted to zero (which isn't easy!) and learned about Zero the Hero. Our fun food this week was making Zero the Hero from a donut (he is often mistaken by the other numbers as a donut...), a fruit roll-up for the mask, and M&M eyes! Yum!

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