Sunday, June 5, 2016

Core Words Centers

Creating a classroom that is excited and engaged in sight word work might be a little rough at first. My Kindergarten students come in my room fairly confident in their ABC knowledge and some know the sounds that go with these letters. But, then I start throwing words at them and asking them to remember how to read them!! Am I crazy?! Not really.

Getting students to understand what reading is is our job as early childhood educators. We introduce kids into the world of letters and words and stories. By exposing students to sight words early, we are creating an interest in words when their minds are still learning about what reading is. I never want my students to think that anything is too hard for them. What I want is for them to know that there is a big world of learning out there and I want to share it with them.

I will be posting a paper soon on sight word education, but thought I would share my Core Word Centers first. These center activities match my Sight Word Lists in my Kindergarten Core Sight Words unit on TpT. The Core Words unit is my FREE unit, so please stop by and take a took at it. During the Core Words unit, which takes place in the first quarter of Kindergarten, students will learn 3 new words a week. These centers will use those new words and review the old with fun games and activities. Take a look:
 Letter/Word Sort
Color Match
 Picture Match
 Can You Find? Word Hunt
 Roll and Write
 Posters for every week
Spin and Color

This unit also includes play dough mats for every word and Sight Word Uno

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