Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Primer Sight Word Readers

Finally, this little baby is ready! I have been working on my Primer Readers since Christmas. Yes, I'm slow. But, they were done in time for my Kinders this year. We have moved on from the Pre-Primer First 40 Words. Now, it is on to Primer. I am so amazed at how well my Kinders are reading. And I know that the reason they are reading is because they have a combination of sight word recognition instruction, phonics instruction, phonemic awareness instruction, and actual time to READ!

My goal is to have my Kinders not just reading by the end of the year, but for them to BELIEVE they are readers.

As you know, the growth mindset of a child is the most important thing you can teach. Be that to your students, your own children, and yourself. If they don't believe they can, then they wont.
I start off the year with telling them that in Kindergarten we don't say, "I cant." It's a bad word in my class. "Gimme" is also a bad word, but that's another story.

What I thinks makes students believe they can read is when they see that they are reading, over and over, every day. I just finished my Primer Readers and I hope you can check them out and get your students reading. They are great for Kinders and 1st grade. My school uses them as intervention stories in a separate program for struggling students. Here is a little preview:

These books are great for Guided Reading, tracking, sight words (obviously), and partner reads. I use one story every week. We read it in the class and the next week it goes home for homework.

My Kinders are reading, and I am so proud of them!

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