Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Parent-Teacher Communication

Yes, it is important. Very, very, very important. We know this, we do this, we don't record this. Ok, maybe we do, but I know I have a problem with consistent documentation. This is something I have come to terms with and trying to remedy. I am a digital person. I cannot do the binder, the index cards, the notepad. I need something digital that is with me when I need it.

This year I will be doing all of my communication logging on an excel spreadsheet. This will allow me access to it at any time, and it can be sent to others who may need it (principal, RSP teachers, counselors, etc.).
I got this wonderful idea from Teacher Karma on TpT. I created my own editable version of it, so that I can use this digitally. If you would like the PDF copy that Teacher Karma provides, click here. I thought it would be nice to share this log so here it is!
This is an editable version that can altered in anyway you need. Just remember that when you want to add multiple students you will need to add another sheet at the bottom. Each child will have their own sheet.
Steps to add a sheet:
1. Right click the arrow in the top left corner of the spreadsheet.
2. Copy
3. At the bottom of the screen you will see Sheet 1. Click the + and another sheet will appear.
4. Right click the arrow in the top left of the spreadsheet.
5. Paste
6. You have created a new tab. Repeat this for as many students as you have.
7. Once you have enough sheets, right click the tab and click rename. You can add each child's name to that tab so that you can find them easier.

Any way that we can make our days easier is something I am all for. Between the planning and the teaching and all of the extra stuff that no non-teacher person even knows goes on in a Kindergarten classroom, I need to know that I can keep myself organized. 


  1. In Excel, right click the little triangle in the upper left of the spreadsheet. Everything will become highlighted. Then add he sheet at the bottom and do the same thing in the upper left corner, but click paste. I hope this helps!If you have an older version of excel, try clicking the top left rectangle. (It might not have a triangle.)

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