Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Big Thank You to TpT

Its that time of the year where many of us are already thinking about next year. (We are insane, yes.) And I have been looking into many curricula that is being presented to my school district. I wish I could say I have found one that I loved, but I know that I will need to use teacher created products to meet my needs.

My Kindergarten Sight Word units have been the best, most uniform, way for my team and myself to introduce and practice sight words in Kindergarten. As many of you know, California has been waiting to adopt ELA CCSS curriculum. Well, what did we do in the mean time? Made our own!!

TeachersPayTeacher has been an incredible resource for those of us trying to move past the state adopted programs and use strategies that really work. I was saying to my K team earlier this week, "What did we do before TpT?!"

My school district is going through the process right now of finding an ELA curriculum to meet the CCSS. I have only heard one pitch, but I know that I will not find a program that meets all of my needs. I need to differentiate. Not one 3 levels, on 25 levels! No canned product can provide for what TpT provides, so thank you to all of the contributors and buyers. We are truly changing education.

To TpT

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