Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cats and Shoes

 We learned all about Pete the Cat this week. We read every book (and there is a lot of them) and learned all of the songs. I thought I would share a couple of activities as a FREEBIE this week for all of you teachers who are interested. 

The first activity we did was imagining what we could step in that would change our shoes a color. Each student got a shoe and colored it. Then they came up to me and told me the story of what they stepped in. I wrote it down and then they had to write the color word of their shoe.

 We also made Pete of course! I wanted a Pete the students could play with while we sang his songs. Grab the pattern HERE! 
The body is a folded piece of 9x12 construction paper. I drew an arch and the students cut on it. This gives him 4 legs to glue their shoes to and he can stand up! The tail was cut from the scraps of the arch. Enjoy!

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