Friday, April 18, 2014

Sea Turtles and Sea Horses!

Sea Turtles!

We have been enjoying our sea turtle day! Kids think sea turtles are incredible and we actually read a sea turtle book as part of our curriculum, so it works out really great.
Sea Turtle page from My Science Journal: Ocean
Check out my Ocean Journal on TpT!!

This craft is from Sea Turtle, Inc. They have such a great site to show your students about how sea turtles live and what people can do to take care of them. Go check them out!

 We painted the paper plate with watercolor to give it some depth. I ran the turtle head and flippers on green cardstock. The kids cut them out and colored the spots brown. Then we made (well, I made) hexagons out of white glue and the kids got to glitter them up!

The turtles look amazing hanging in our classroom!

Seahorses are also a big hit. We began by reading Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle. 
This is a beautiful book with pictures hidden throughout. Kids LOVE this book!
We wrote in our ocean journal about the seahorse.

Then we made our own versions of Eric Carle's seahorse.
 I traced the seahorse template onto a 6 inch paper plate (the small ones). I figured since they were so small we would each make two. Students then sponge painted the back. Once it was dry we cut them out and drew on an eye. Super simple and super cute!

I have never really found a seahorse craft I liked until I made this one. They always turned out too big, or not the right shape. This craft is so simple that we did the whole thing in an hour!

Have fun!

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