Friday, April 18, 2014

Ocean Classroom

Well, we are almost done with our ocean unit. We are going on a field trip to the Aquarium on Wednesday and finally get to see the animals we have learned about. Here are some pictures of the classroom:

 This what our classroom looks like from the outside. There is blue cellophane on the window, but it is kind of hard to see. It makes the whole room look blue on the inside, which is kind of fun and oddly calming for the kids. A lot of our animals are "swimming" in the window.

 Here are the seashells I put out for observation during this unit. These are my shells and I tell the kids that they are special to me and that I need them to take care of them. They can use the magnifying glasses to get a closer look. This is something they look at during free time.

 Our ocean animal word wall.

Here is a poster that shows the zones of the ocean. the kids are fascinated by how dark and weird it gets the deeper you go down. The clams on the top come from 

The Deep, Deep. Deeper activity in the word wall picture also comes from their site.

We have had a great time studying the ocean. Can't wait to actually take them there!

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