Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Science Journal: Bugs

I have finished my second My Science Journal! This one is all about BUGS!

I have had so much success with my Ocean Journal that I knew right away that I had to make one for bugs. My students learned so much and have even improved their writing. They are writing on their own, using their imaginations and the words they know or can sound out. This has been the best year of Kindergarten writing I have ever had!

This unit includes:
1. ants
2. butterflies
3. worms
4. honey bees
5. ladybugs
6. grasshoppers
7. snails

Life cycles include: ant, butterfly, worm, honey bee, and ladybugs.
Labeling the parts of an ant.
 Life cycle of a butterfly and the parts of a butterfly.
Sample of Bonus Activities:


These are few sample pages of My Science Journal: Bugs.
Please take a look at them at TpT. Your students will be writing in no time and have so many interesting facts to share about bugs.

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