Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have been teaching Kindergarten for 8 years now. (Holy cow!!! 8 years!!) Anyway, the Common Core standards are having me teach a brand new shape this year. And, while I don't mind, it is not easy finding resources for this particular shape. I am talking about.......the HEXAGON! Yes, the shape that looks like an octagon, but isn't. Sure, the kids all know the octagon. They love the octagon. And here I am with the hexagon. And I have 40 little eyeballs looking at me like, "hey, lady, that's an octagon....not whatever you said." So we count the sides. We count the corners. We compare to an octagon. Then they get it.....finally. And we do a tasty craft. And once they do this craft, they LOVE the hexagon. It's called the Honeycomb Hexagon and another K teacher at my school came up with it.

We used Honeycombs cereal and it was yummy! Honeycombs go on all 6 corners and one in the middle (for the bumble bees, my students told me). Grab the activity sheet here.

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