Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Teaching New Part 3: Transferring a Credential

Welcome to the boring section of Teaching New! Well, it's boring, but it is the MOST IMPORTANT part of getting the new job! I got my credential in California. I got my masters in California. Yet, I have moved to Oregon. Luckily, a California is reciprocal in many states and it is in Oregon. BUT, I had to get an Oregon Reciprocal License BEFORE the start of the new school year. I put in my initial application early, which is great and an accident. I just thought I would go ahead and do it since I will be in Oregon for awhile.

So that ends the easy part! From there on out it was a definite adventure that was both frustrating, but rewarding. I knew that my job was contingent on getting my license. Ok, I was just waiting for it to go through. But, then I got an email saying I needed to turn in a laundry list of items to the TSPC (Oregon licensing), many of which I did not have. It was a crazy, angry, stressful race to get things in before the next day. I graduated in 2004, got my credential in 2005. It's not like I can just order my transcripts. They are ARCHIVED!! (I am that old...) Long story short, I had to pay a lot of money to get things overnighted to Salem, OR. But, I got them all in.

Within a week I had my license. FINALLY! It was the best feeling! Now I have to take a few tests and prove I have taken all the CSETs. I have a year to do it, though, so that's nice.

So, yeah, it's boring to read about, but stressful to get. I am very proud of myself because I accomplished the task. And now I am certified in 2 states!

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