Friday, July 10, 2015

Starting the Year Off With Sight Words

Ok, you know it's coming. You are going to get a new batch of Kinders. No, they wont be able to sit down. No, they wont stop crying. No, they can't keep their hands to themselves. And yes, you will think you are not going to survive the first two weeks. But, you will! (Seriously, you will...)

So, how do you get your little babies reading? How do you get them to understand that letters make words and we READ words? I am going to share what I use. Many of you already use it and I am glad to read your comments that it is working. But, for those of you who don't, I have a FREE download of my Core Sight Words that my school district uses for Kindergarten starting the second week of school! (Yikes! The second week!)
 This is my free unit that comes before my other sight word units. These are the Core Words that your Kinders will need to start reading emergent readers and building an understanding what words really are. The activities are much simpler that my other units because it is designed for the beginning of Kindergarten. Take a look:
 I send this one home attached to their homework packet. Parents get into the habits of having words each week, which will continue for the entire school year.
 Read, Color, Write is simple and in all of my units. I do these every Monday. I choose a student from my name can. If their name is called they get to find the word in the room with my pointer, spell it for the class, and then tell us what color they want to color it. The kids love it and it keeps everyone engaged.
 Using the interactive whiteboard is great for this activity. Students really get the meaning of tall, small, and fall letters.
Color the sight words. These are in all of my units too. Reinforces color words and after a little while of practice can become a center for the year.

Remember teachers, this is FREE! Go download Core Sight Words at my TpT store and see what you think. If you like it and think it can be helpful in your class I hope you will look into my other units Pre-Primer and Primer.

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