Friday, July 3, 2015

Redesigned sight word units!

I finally got some time to sit down and redesign my units for teaching sight words in Kindergarten. My district has been using these units for Kindergarten sight word instruction for three years now. I have seen what works and what needed to be adjusted. The newly redesigned units are a little more visually pleasing, as well as having some of the words moved around in the lists. It is also better for a Kindergarten student's fine motor skill development. Check out my units for yourself and see if you like them. Here is a sample of each activity. There are 18 lists, 8 in the PrePrimer and 10 in the Primer.
 Preview of PrePrimer, Part 1
 Preview of Primer, Part 2 
This is a Primer activity in which students sort words that have different fonts. 
Color the Sight Word is in both PrePrimer and Primer. Primer is more advanced. 
Weekly flashcards that can be sent home for homework or put on word rings.
 Read it, Colors it, Write it. I pick students out of my Name Can to find the word on a board in the room and read it to the class. Then he or she gets to tell the class what color the word will be. Keeps their attention while they do this activity.
 Build a Word is challenging in the beginning, but once they get the hang of it they become experts. It also really helps their visual discrimination and processing skills when unscrambling the letters to make the words.
 Trace and Write the word. I send this page home for homework, or you could put them in a sheet protector and have them practice in class at center time. 
Another Color the Sight Word. This one is a PrePrimer, with only three words to read.
 Missing Letter is a great center activity. Students do really will with this activity once they learn how it works.
Word Wall words or flashcards. Blue is PrePrimer and green in Primer

Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle

I have been using these units for three years now and have had a lot of success. If you want to have a good sight word supplement, this is it. Hope you enjoy!

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