Monday, September 1, 2014

The Challenge

Welcome back to all you exhausted teachers out there. Labor Day is officially over and we are now in a place where the real teaching can begin. And when I say "we are in a place" I mean my class has finally calmed down enough that I can start to get down to the real nitty-gritty: The ABCs!

I expect all of my Kinders to be able to name all capital letters by the end of September. Can this happen? For the high, medium high and medium student, yes. And for my high students, it already has happened. Now it is time to get to the ones who need constant ABC exposure. All morning, over and over until they know that "M" and "N" are actually two different letters....go figure!

I am challenging myself this year by trying really, really hard to master the art of:

Usually I am not too fond of literacy centers because I like complete control at all times. But, after the SDE I Teach K! National Conference, I feel like I am ready to loosen the grip on my control and give it a try. I will be documenting my progress on these centers each week, updating you on my success (or complete failure). I feel that I can master this challenge with a lot of practice and good ideas. Wish me luck!

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