Saturday, August 10, 2019

IRLA 1G I Love My Green Words!

I have been using IRLA (Independent Reading Level Assessment) for two years now. I really enjoy it because it makes sense to me. It helps me teach kids at their own level. Yet, I had one problem. How can I both allow students to go off independently, but also ensure that every student is getting exposure to all of the sight words (power words)?

I got to thinking about when I taught in California and the amazing program we used for Dolch words. Why not apply it to IRLA? That's what I have done. This is a program that will work within the levels of IRLA sight words ("Power Word" is copyrighted......), but make sure that every child gets exposure.

With IRLA 1G I Love My Green Words I will introduce 5 words every week. Does it matter if the student already knows them? No! I have every child learn with me because I want to ensure the exposure is more than just memorization. By learning with me students will remember how to spell the word, use it more freely in writing because of familiarity, and help each other practice.

Right now I only have the green words available, but will have the 1B I Love My Blue Words in a month or so. Keep an eye out! Also, as a bonus, there are word wall words that are color coded. This helps me use the word wall more efficiently because I can refer kids to green words if they need to practice at that level.

Oh, and why am I calling it I Love My Green Words? Because I can sing it to my class of course!😎

IRLA 1G I Love My Green Words!

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