Friday, July 20, 2018

Behavior Calendars 2018-2019

It is almost that time! The new school year is coming up way too fast and we teachers need to get ahead of the game. Every year I use Behavior Calendars to communicate student behavior to both the student and the parent/family about daily behavior.
Each child has a calendar in their homework folder. At the end of every day I write a happy, uh-oh, or sad face on their calendar. This allows the student to know how their behavior was for the day and holds them accountable by having to share this calendar with their parents.

I do not like displaying behavior charts in the classroom because it has a negative effect on a child's attitude about behavior. Once they hit a sad face or a red card they often give up trying to improve their behavior for the rest of the day. Behavior calendars are not marked until the very end of the day and the student must keep trying to earn their happy face. In my opinion, you can ALWAYS earn it back!

I am sure many of you are thinking that this will take way too much time at the end of the day to complete. You are wrong if you think that! It takes at most 5 minutes and students are always eager to see what they get on their calendar. Isn't it worth it to spend 5 minutes a day so that the next day will be a little bit better? It is also a running record for you and can allow you to spot patterns in a child's behavior so that deeper conversations can go on and documentation can be provided to the parent.

You can also add special events to you calendar by following the editing instructions in the file. Book Fairs, Field Trips, Conferences can all be added to personalize your calendar!

I assure you, Behavior Calendars are the way to go. They are a life saver! Check them out!
Classroom Management is hard. Make it easier on yourself by helping your students self manage and keeping parents in the loop on a daily basis. It is so worth it!

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