Sunday, May 6, 2018

All About Mom Survey

Mother's Day is almost here! And because moms are so amazing for everything they (we) do, I like to give them a gift that makes them laugh and makes the cry. In a good way!

The way to make mom laugh is by giving her the tried and true MOM SURVEY!!! Yes, letting Kinders write down how old their mom is, if she can cook, what she is good at, is a very good read for everyone. Especially mom. I have included a FREEBIE of my Mom Survey! Check it out:

So, how do I make mom cry? I have each child make a keychain with their thumbprint in it! More to come on that tomorrow!

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  1. What a fun worksheet this Mother’s Day! Just wanted to let you that I featured your post on my blog if you’d like to share it. Happy May!


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