Friday, April 7, 2017

Learning About Our Food

We began our garden unit by discussing where our food comes from and all of the different types of food. We discussed food groups, portion control, and what is healthy and not healthy. Here are a few of our activities:
 The Food Pyramid
We learned about the different food groups we should be eating at each meal.
We discussed where we get our food. Answers varied from restaurant to grocery store to garden at their own house.
We learned where food is grown and how important farms are to everyone.
We read the story Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. This funny book is about a Hare who tricks a Bear into harvesting either the tops or bottoms of the plants. Of course, the tricky Hare gets to choose the plants!
We sorted our fruits and veggies into where they grow. 

This week we are building our knowledge about food so that we can actually grow a garden together!
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  1. These are just beautiful drawings and this blog is always lovely to share the most fun part of the story. I am getting addict to this blog with pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing this kindergarten work.


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