Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter is Here!

Ok, so it's not here in the sense that there is snow. But, it is super cold and we have been exploring the idea of snow and reading some amazing winter books!

My favorite snowman story is Sadie and the Snowman. She has to rebuild her snowman every time it melts! Another one of our favorites is Snowmen at Night. We read this story and thought about what our snowmen would do at night. Take a look:

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We also learned about how snowflakes form. My students were amazed to see that water is made of molecules and that when they freeze they can make cool designs. We did a Fun Food snack in which we started with the basic shape of a snowflake, a hexagon, and built symmetrical arms coming off of it. It was a difficult talk to create, but they did an incredible job. Plus, it was delicious!

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