Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sight Word Centers!!!!!

Hi everyone,
This post if for my fellow teachers who are gearing up for January in K! I have been working on a couple of things this month. The first is that I have finished my Primer Sight Word Centers. These centers include Lists 9-18 and are perfect for Kinders during the second half of the year. Check it out!
 These centers work with My Kindergarten Sight Words curriculum. This is the primary sight word curriculum in my classroom. Students learn 5 sight words a week, and these centers compliment the direct instruction lessons wonderfully.
Rainbow Word Match
 Fluency Strips

I am excited to have a full collection of sight word centers that correlate directly to my sight word lessons. As we know, the most fluent students are in the first 100 sight words, the more likely they will be at succeeding in their education overall.

I have also bundled all of my Sight Word Centers into one convenient download. My Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle has sight word centers for the entire year.

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