Saturday, September 19, 2015


Every year I do an apple unit. It actually makes fall seem like it's here (even when it's not quite). We learn about the colors of apples, the parts of apples, the seasons of the apple tree, foods that can be made from apples, the life cycle of an apple seed, and what our favorite kind of apple is.

Every year I do a series of activities, with pieces everywhere. This year I decided to put them all into a notebook. I'm calling it My Kindergarten Apple Notebook and it was a BIG hit with my Kinders this week.

Here are some of our activities we did:

 Homemade applesauce 

 We used a tree pattern and apple erasers to act out the song "Way Up High in the Apple Tree"

Apple Tasting and Apple Graphing

My favorite books to read during this unit are: 

I will also share some great videos that we watched about apples. 

If you like the Apple Notebook it, check it out HERE.

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