Sunday, February 9, 2014

Polar Bears

We just finished our Polar Bear Week!
This is one of our art projects. We read a book about Polar Bears and the Arctic. We discussed the ice and the lack of light in the winter sky. I asked my Kinders to draw a horizon line. I taped a pre-cut polar bear to their paper and had them sponge paint over it. The sky was purple and the ice was blue. Once they were done sponge painting I pulled off the bear and it was like MAGIC! They turned out pretty good.

 Here is a polar bear we made from the website learncreatelove.
 This is a writing activity from we made, using facts we learned about the polar bear. The pattern is from 
The Education Center.
Last, but not least, is our polar bear ice cream! Yum! It is a vanilla cup with Nilla wafer ears, chocolate chip eyes, and a Hershey Drop nose. Can't beat it!

My students loved learning about this bear.

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