Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's October!

It is finally Fall. I always look forward to Fall and then realize how much I have to do with report cards, parent conferences, the Fall Festival and Halloween. Plus, I have to teach!
We kicked off our October with Stellaluna. We made a bat out of construction paper and wrote our own little sight word story retell on the back.
Grab the simple story here.

Another activity we did to go along with the bats theme was Nocturnal vs. Diurnal.
We read the story Where are the Night Animals? by Mary Ann Fraser and do a little sorting of our own.

Students will cut apart the animals and decide if they come out in the day or the night. Get the sorting sheets here.

We also had some fun with our math this week by putting our Spider Web numbers in order. I teach a Transitional Kindergarten class and do one number a week. We have only learned up to 7 so I only asked that my class order to 7. However, my numbers go to 9. If you would like to try some creepy, webby numbers grab them here.

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