Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ok, we all know that behavior management is a must in any grade. In Kindergarten we need clear guidelines for our students. I use a happy face, uh-oh face, and sad face in my classroom on my white board for students to see how their day is going. (Pictures to follow soon.) It's great for the kids to know what they need to do in class and have a visual of how they are doing. You also need to be able to communicate to the parents about the students' behavior. I have attached my Behavior Calendars that I use for the year. Each month I put a new behavior calendar in their homework folders (see pictures of my folders in my last post) and it stays there the WHOLE MONTH. If a student (or parent) takes the behavior calendar out, that student cannot get a sticker on his or her behavior rewards chart until the behavior calendar is returned. If it is completely lost or destroyed (like milk spilled on it) I will replace it. I am trying to teach them responsibility for their belongings and actions. The calendars have a key at the bottom explaining what it is the parents are looking for. Pretty simple: if students stay in the happy face during the school day I will write a happy face on their chart. If it is an uh-oh or sad face, I will write that. If the behavior requires a note home explaining the behavior that needs to be corrected I will write a check mark in the box, along with the uh-oh or sad face. That way, even if the note gets “lost,” the parents will know there was a note and ask to see it. You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to write 25 happy or sad faces!!” Yes, you do. Make the time. If you want your classroom to work smoother there needs to be responsibility and consequences at school AND at home for school behavior. Overall, it takes me 3 minutes to write in their folders at the end of the day before I pass them back to go into their backpacks. Here is a copy of my behavior calendars.

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