Sunday, July 19, 2015

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

You have seen this before, I know. You have tried to get the word out to parents exactly what should be worked on at home to prepare for Kindergarten. Needless to say, these skills are not mastered BEFORE Kindergarten. They are worked on before, during, and after Kindergarten. I like to put this on my parent website so that Moms and Dads can see what they need to do with their incoming Kinder. Because the year is fresh, parents are more likely to work on these skills at the beginning of the year and I am very ok with that. This is the first post on my classroom website each year for my new class and I hope my parents see it and find it helpful.


  1. #4, would you please change the spelling of shoes and repost? It is so cute, thank you!

  2. can you PLEASE add under #7 - go the bathroom independently. Thanks!

  3. sorry - go TO the bathroom independently

  4. Hi Maryann-
    Any chance you have this in Spanish? If not, would you be willing to share it so that I can translate it? Thanks =)


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