Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fun Friday

We had our first Fun Friday of the new school year.

What is Fun Friday?
Fun Friday is a day that is designed around having fun while learning. We will take the skills we have learned during the week and either make a Fun Food, a craft, or a game out of it. Sometimes we do all three! This week for Fun Friday we were practicing the color red, shapes, and counting to 10.

Our activities for Fun Friday this week included:
1. Reading Clifford the Big Red Dog and making Clifford ears. Then we sang the song "I Wanna Be a Dog" by Charlotte Diamond. Our Fun Food this week was making a Clifford face from a cracker (peanut free), red frosting, fruit roll-up ears, chocolate chip eyes, and a Hershey Drop nose. Yum!

 This is my son. He is in another Kindergarten class down the hall and made Clifford ears as well. I love having him in K with us!

Our Clifford Fun Food

2. We played our first Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks game, called Square Off. Students work in partners with their dice tray (from the Boxcars website) and take turns rolling the dice. Whatever they roll they put on their game board. The goal is to see who has the most of what number. No one wins, we all learn. It was super fun and the kids did really well with the dice patterns.
 Playing the game Square Off
 Stratedice Tray from Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks. 

3. We did our first Fun Friday Play Time. On Fridays is when my students get to play with the special toys, like the play kitchen, the dinosaurs, Happy Meal toys (yes, I have a collection) and various other fun toys. We rotate through stations and everyone gets a turn playing everything.

This is my son son and my nephew exploring the Magformers before class. 

Just a little about Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks:
This is a great program designed by Jane Felling and her husband. The entire program is game based and uses dice, playing cards and dominoes. If you ever get a chance to go to one of Felling's workshops PLEASE DO IT! It will change the way you teach math in Kindergarten. It's amazing. Check out their website to find out more. Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks.

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