Monday, September 9, 2013

Sight Word Complete List

It dawned on me, once I saw that someone had pinned an old sight word checklist I made, that I should upload the new one. As one of my grade level team teachers say "it's the pretty one." Haha. So, here you go, the "Pretty Sight Word List."
This is a complete checklist of ALL the Kindergarten words. I teach them by lists (which is part of my Sight Words Unit on TpT) and these words are organized by the lists. Grab the checklist .
Our Kindergarten classes like to challenge each other to who can read the most words. We usually do this at Progress Report Period (which is right now actually) and all who meet the goal get to go to the ice cream party!


  1. Could you make an editable version?

  2. The Institute for the Keyboarding Arts reviews this Sight Word list for Kindergarteners in first grade using giant colorful keyboards.

  3. I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.

  4. Most of these words can be sounded out. Children will be confused if you tell them that they are sight words.

    1. Hi W.P.G.,
      I understand what you are saying about sounding them out. When I teach these words I explain that some can be sounded out, but many don't follow the rule. I explain to my students that all of these words are found in the first books they will read and it helps them understand that to develop fluency it helps them know the words by memorization. While we work on them, I encourage sounding out words they don't know. BUT, some of the word do not make sense sounding it out, so they need to think about words they know from memory. English does not follow the rules and students need to be ready to figure out the process. By giving them this info up front, students are able to discriminate between sight words and words they can sound out.

  5. Is it possible to print your Kindergarten Sight Words Check List?
    I can't figure it out. :( Thank you!

  6. Yes click on the Grab The Checklist link right under the list above

  7. I had a list of yours from the beginning of the year. It is Kindergarten Sight Words 3/week. I purchased your Teachers Pay Teachers Download called Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle. The download has 5 words per week. Did I purchase the wrong thing? Thank you.

  8. Not my product unless students are keyboarding the word lists.